Cotton Traders

100+ retail outlet distribution solution for multi-channel clothes retailer.

With a large portfolio of retail outlets across the UK – from high street stores to discount outlets and garden centres – this casual clothing specialist needed a bespoke solution that met customer demands.


A tough retail network

Whereas others had failed to understand Cotton Traders’ business, we worked hard to understand their operations and expectations. Key challenges included conforming to delivery schedules to ensure customers could pick up ‘Click & Collect’ orders when expected. Other considerations included customer returns and empty tote returns, together with the remote location of some outlets, many with restricted access times.

If we were to succeed where others had failed, it was crucial for us to understand Cotton Traders’ business, and their expectations from a distribution partner.


Providing distribution consistency

First, we introduced a new delivery schedule, which is flexible to deal with different volumes throughout the year, but robust enough to provide a consistent service. Next, we deployed our closed-loop solution to eliminate stock discrepancies, provide a constant volume of empty tote returns and ensure returns and refunds are promptly processed.

We introduced a new delivery schedule, flexible enough to deal with variation in replenishment volumes throughout the year, but rigid enough to provide consistency at store level


A seamless, cost-effective solution

Happy customers, happy Cotton Traders. Servicing their entire retail store portfolio with attention to detail, clear and consistent communication and clear cost-efficiency, potential issues are highlighted early and promptly dealt with. The result? A cost-effective distribution solution that works for everyone.

"The importance of a reliable distribution partner for our retail business is paramount, and Route4's demonstrable experience in delivering service excellence made them the clear choice for us."

Caroline Allerton - Supply Chain & Logistics Director

Cotton Traders

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